One Year On: Lord of The Rings – Journeys in Middle Earth — The Solo Meeple

Looking back over the last year I have to say I’m surprised, because I haven’t even been tempted to play this game again since reviewing it. Surprised, because the LOTR IP is one of my favourites and this game spins a really good tale within Tolkien’s world. However, there are reasons why I haven’t been […] …

Alhambra & Granada with 2 players… Oh God….

So we took both Alhambra & Granada and turned into a four hour game. Part 1: Part 2: after a break All tho fun with two players. I think it's best if you have three or four players. Might make things a little quicker haha! By Jason Bucky Roberts

TableTop: 3 Year Old Zombie

So I was play Zombie Dice with my son earlier today.. Needless to say, I got my but kick by a 3 year old hahaha! On one turn he rolled 9 brains! Was only shot twice.... By Jason Bucky Roberts

Table Top Night: A Double Agent stuck on a Forbidden Island looking for the 7 Wonders

Start the Night off with 7 Wonders!! There was just two of us playing, so we double up on the boards. That was a little crazy-some. But fun indeed! You are the leader of one of the 7 great cities of the Ancient World. Gather resources, develop commercial routes and affirm your military supremacy. Build …

Tabletop Night: We had a small Pandemic It’s a Wonder it didn’t spread Through our Dominion

So this post is about a week late.... I'm sorry... This had been a LONG weekend/week. More good an bad, that a plus! Did start a new relationship!! A quite nerdy thing, not my usual. But nice(Dr. Horrible anyone? Anyone?) No I'm joking tho, she is great in many ways. It's nice to have a …