Writing Assignment: “edit your title and tagline”

On this writing assignment the topic was “edit your title and tagline”.
Altho I have no intentions in changing the title for this blog. Nerdy Life Of Mine has been the main title for over five years and has became rather personal. Now as far as the tagline, I’ve changed that a few time over the years. This was the current one when you Google my site.


I have it written out as “bloggers” & “super nerds”, because I do have some other writers on this blog. But in 2015 I started to let some people go and started to take back my blog for myself. Now I rather enjoyed having people take part in my blog and share their lives or whatever stories.
… One sec,  Serenity is on….. Watching….. Watching….
Okay sorry about that… Anywho! I liked working with everyone, but I wanted to get back to basics. I want make a lot of changes this year and so far I have. I did change the tagline to, “Just mild-mannered blogger & podcaster! Fighting a never-ending battle for fandoms and sharing all my misadventures in life with you all.” The odd thing is it hasn’t changed on the Google search when you look up my site. Maybe it’ll take sometime, don’t know. I’ll just keep an open eye,  maybe I have to be on actual computer to change it (I’m on my tablet right now).
Sorry if this post is rather lackluster. But I’m happy with Nerdy Life Of Mine and it’s history, don’t think I’m going to change it.