Rare Earth Comics & Doctor Atlantis

So early this morning I received a message or two from our podcast chat where we discussed about topics that we want to cover or news, even just normal everyday shenanigans.
But the message that was brought up was about a comic book company called Rare Earth Comics. 2 years ago they started the first volume of Doctor Atlantis with a Kickstarter and then they made a second volume. Now they have a new Kickstarter for Doctor Atlantis volume 3!

So far for Doctor Atlantis I rather enjoy the look and a feel for the comic. Has swashbuckling, epic adventurers and the possibilities for new discoveries that are infused with Steampunk (which is really all up my alley). I personally can’t wait for this one to come out & I’m actually looking at the other two comics thinking about getting them.

I love the artwork of the comics. Looking at them caused me think of two comics from my past that I haven’t read in a longtime.  The comics that came to mind while looking at all this were The Adventures of Tintin


(and if you don’t know who Tintin is. The comic came out 1929 ran to the mid 70’s. Also if you are living under a rock and missed the movie that came out which was actually surprisingly good. I had my doubts about it at first, because I love the comics. But the movie was very well done, very cool, very classic. But that’s a different topic all together. Back to the main topic that is Doctor Atlantis. Sorry getting back on track now) and the other is The Adventures of Asterix.


For those who don’t know who/what The Adventures of Asterix is… It’s an old French comic that came out, I believe 1959.  I mean granted the art styles are completely different, Asterix is more cartoony. But Doctor Atlantis art work takes me back to The Adventures of Tintin.  But those two comics are the ones came mind while looking at Doctor Atlantis. So I’ll definitely be checking it out! Looks like a fantastic story, well written and the artwork is phenomenal.

They have their Kickstarter up and it looks like they reach their goal. But it looks like they’re still going. I’ll post a link to the website along with their main website. Also looks like they have a few other comics one of them called Shadow Tracers. Also they have 6 difference webcomics as well: The Adventure Team Alpha, Living Legend, Joy Riders, just to name a few. I highly recommend checking them out.
They definitely have a “mom & pop” feel to them. Like a group of friends that came together for the love of comics, storytelling, art work and made their company.


Rare Earth Comic: