Middle Earth Challenge: THE HUNT FOR GOLLUM – (Redux) Tolkien Fan Film

Published on Dec 14, 2019

[2019 version, improved edit and audio]
The Hunt for Gollum is an independent film based on appendices in The Lord of the Rings. It was produced entirely by fans, and released free to the Internet in 2009. Locations include Epping Forest and Snowdonia, north Wales. Awards include ‘Best Fiction Produced for the Web’, 2009 and Best Live Action at Balticon.

Prompted by Gandalf, a ranger by the name of Strider sets out to search for the creature Gollum, who knows the location of the Ring.

This is a not-for-profit unofficial fan-made film, created from scratch by indie film makers in the U.K. as a tribute to The Lord of the Rings books (and movies).

Middle Earth Challenge: HORN OF GONDOR (2020) A Tolkien Fan Film

Premiered Sep 18, 2020

After the invasion of the fierce hordes of Balchoth, Gondor is on a bring of destruction. The Ruling steward Cirion places his hope to the North, to the half-forgotten nation of the Horselords. Will the knight Borondir succeed and convey Cirion’s message?

Horn of Gondor fan film was made in the Czech Republic and depicts a lesser-known chapter from the Tolkien’s world, set 500 years before the story of The Lord of the Rings.

Middle Earth Challenge: Gothmog

Middle Earth Challenge

Gothmog. Lord of the Balrogs, High Captain of Angband in the First Age of Middle Earth. At this Age his only equal would be Sauron under the Rule of Morgoth. Gothmog gave his allegiance Morgoth before the revolt of the Ñoldor, then later killing two of the High Kings of the Ñoldor.

After the Death of Fëanor, Gothmog would later reappear as a general of Angband in several more battles. Dagor Aglareb and Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Gothmog fought the High King of the Ñoldor, Fingon. Gothmog managed separate Fingon from the main host but was unable to kill him, till another Balrog appeared behind the Ñoldor “cast a throng of steel about him”. Gothmog was then able to slay Fingon and later captured Húrin, father of Túrin Turambar.


Later in the First Age, Gothmog and the forces of Angband took the Hidden City of Gondilin. Gothmog and his forces held the northern gates, till later they went into battle with Ecthelion of the Foutain. From there Gothmog and Ecthelion dueled. It was there that Gothmog knocked the sword from Ecthelion’s hand and to the ground, while the Gothmog was about to swing his axe. Ecthelion was able to get up off the ground and ram him with his pointed helmet, both of them fell into the Fountain of the King. It was there that Gothmog met his end, the waters from the fountain quenched the flames that kept Gothmog alive. Sadly, Ecthelion also fell in this battle, drowning within’ the fountain as well and ending the Battle of Gondolin.

I know I’ve shared this video before about the Balrogs in a an older post. But I figure I’d share it again for this post.

Gothmog from the movies