A New Podcast Is Coming

Before I explain the new podcast that is about when the launch date is about to happen. I must share a bit of sad news about Geek Fallout’s end. Earlier this month the original owners/creators of Geek Fallout made the move and ended the podcast.

“Me(Mike King) and Richard Rehder are hanging up the Geek Fallout network. My first podcast was with them and still exists, with a new name, Tech Chatr, on the Chatr Nexus. If you don’t like tech talk podcasts, we will have other kinds of shows in the near future so stay tuned. And be sure to like that page and send in stuff you would like us to review, or if you would like to guest on our shows. Can’t wait to hear from you all

I’ve been doing Geek Fallout for a number of years and it was also my first introduction to podcasting as a whole. Because of this podcast I went on to do a number of shows, like: Trek1701, Random Nerdness, Geek Fallout Top 5, Eclectic Mayhem Podcast, Geek Fallout Comic Book Eps. While it is a sad time, it does gives us a change to start anew.

So with this clean slate, Chris Lockhart and I are now starting up a new podcast called The Pop Culture Pub. This is Chris’s brain child and asked if I would be his new co-host for the show! Together we’re working to bring something new to the table and bring in some past podcasting friends. The current link for the show is on Podbean (The Pop Culture Pub ) and there is a iTunes profile being made at the moment. I’ll post that here soon! There is current a few shows posted, that were made by Chris Lockhart explaining the new show and the over all idea behind it.

Back To The Future! SQUEEEEE!!

So a few weeks back a certain someone got me a LEGO Back To The Future Brick Head set :). Finally today I had enough time to sit down and build them!





Over all they were really easy to put together and fast. Great addition to my ever growing collection haha. I have a few other sets I put together I have shared yet.

Eclectic Mayhem Podcast: Take Me To The Thrift Store!

Come join us here at Eclectic Mayhem Podcast with a SPECIAL guest William Bruce West of http://www.williambrucewest.com/!! On this podcast we are talking about thrift shop, flea markets or anything other treasures we find! As well Pop Culture as a whole and books. Plus we have our trivia question of the day and random little bits of news. So let all go to the THRIFT STORE!!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/eclecticmayhemp0dcast

Twitter: @eclecticmayhem4

Instagram: @eclectic_mayhem_podcast

And you can always reach us directly at: eclecticmayhempodcast@outlook.com

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pop pop..! it’s trash culture.: The Year of Trash

2015 was not particularly great for It’s Trash Culture. My attention shifted from posting here and turned to other social medias, like Twitter and Instagram, where minimum effort paid out a much larger reward. Those accounts have accumulated several hundred more followers than this blog, which is equal parts awesome and sorta’ heart-breaking. Neither of them would exist without this, the place I started to celebrate all the stupid and wonderful things that have won my heart over the years. I’m here to wax nostalgic and to share the bizarre stuff I’ve unearthed in my constant search for more pop-culture bullshit. That’s always been my mission statement, and the previous year was a complete failure. Well, okay, mostly complete. I did manage to get halfway through the Friday the 13th franchise before slacking off and disappearing for two months.

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Diary of a Dorkette: December 2015 Woman of Wonderosity!

Dear Shredder,

Prison sucks. Luckily we have access to computers so we can at least type up a decent letter between super villains. How are you? Since we are both locked up I’d be willing to bet it sucks for you too. They recently moved me to a new block. No one really knows who I am and they certainly have no idea what I’ve done. We could have really taken over the world with our drug ring, how did it all fall apart so quickly? Oh, I know, that stupid hero WoW. When we get out, I think we should team up again and find her. Make her pay. For now, I’m just killing time.

Dr. Blight

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WilliamBruceWest.com: West Week Ever: Pop Culture In Review – 1/8/16

Welcome to the first West Week Ever of 2016! Thanks to everyone who checked out West YEAR Ever earlier this week, and brace yourself because we’ve got a lot to discuss today! On the movie front, I finally watched Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson. What the Hell did I watch?! I thought I’d heard good things …

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Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks: The Christmas Post That Almost (Not Almost… ACTUALLY) Wasn’t…

Source: Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks: The Christmas Post That Almost (Not Almost… ACTUALLY) Wasn’t…

So yeah… I said I wasn’t going to blog during the Christmas season… and I was fine with that… I stuck to it. Then I realized I would have to share all the Christmas stuff I’ve been saving up for my December posts… when exactly?

Next year? No thank you. I decided I’d drop this in early January for some unknowable reason.

Oh My! Rather Random!

So some co-workers of mine came in tonight brought me these! Oh my God! Way to cool! Can’t wait till charge it up and fly it around!