Nerdy Life Of Mine Was Hacked


So the other day I opened up my WordPress app to check on the status & numbers of the blog/website. When it asked for my password. Odd I thought… The WordPress app did have an update not that long ago, so I didn’t think much of it. Entered my password…. Error: wrong password!? Tried again. Error: wrong password! At this point I’m starting to get a little worried.
I jumped on my desktop and found I’m having the same problems. So I had to change the password. Once I was able to login, I find everything was moved around, deleted & most of the html code was rewritten! Luckily there really isn’t any personal information to leak. So if there were any spam messages or posts (which I haven’t seen any.) From Nerdy Life Of Mine or my email I’m sorry about that and I’m working hard it fix everything. I’m sending a report to WordPress the company I source from about this event. Luckily I kept a copy of the html code in a word doc, so I was able to change most of everything back to normal. I’m still fixing the menus buttons at this time. So please forgive if there are broken links or pages :(.
So there isn’t going to be any new post for a couple of weeks or week (hopefully) till this matter is fixed and the site if fully operational (yes a Star Wars reference). Also there might be some changes to the site and some of the stories/posts might disappear and sorry for that. Again sorry if you got any spam messages from the site or and thank you for your understanding and support in this most annoying troll hacker effort.
It really still leaves me in bewilderment on why someone would go through the effort in hacking into a site like mine? Really? What can you possibly gain? Besides ruin someone’s day or week. There is like NO personal information to steal. Even if they got a list of emails, they would still have to go through the email carriers security check points to get into them. If they are anything like Gmail or Yahoo that’ll be a little hard to do. Grrrr I’m just beyond annoyed. Again sorry if you got any spam messages from the site or and thank you for your understanding and support.
– Jason Bucky Roberts

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How to Fight Lex Luthor Using Only Podcasts

Because for some ungodly reason I find this to funny. Everyone need to watch the Dark Knight eat a hotdog in a epic way.

If the cartoon wasn’t good enough. Here is a live action version.


Never realized that I wanted this movie so bad. This video was a April Fools joke by IGN. But come on!! Now I want to sit and binge watch all 3 Back to the Future films :).


So now that we have our new podcast Eclectic Mayhem up and running. I thought I’d share some upcoming topic that might be covered in our next show! We’ll be talking about random topics that might happen to go over Gremlins 1 & 2, Ghoulies 1 & 2 and Munchies. Yes it’s going to be a Horror/SciFi episode hosted by Miss M ( there also might be some Jaws talk and maybe something to do with robots. WHO knows with Eclectic Mayhem!! I case you haven’t heard the first episode here is the link and also where you can find us on the web!



Twitter: EclecticMayhem4

(In case you guys want to send us fan mail.) Outlook:  

Instagram: eclectic_mayhem_podcast

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Also in podcasting news!! I’ll be hosting Geek Fallout on April 13th and we’ll be doing the Part 2 of the StarGate episodes!! Finally! It’s taken a lot longer than it should to make this thing haha. So far the question/topic line up will be:

– *General Discussion* About the ending for Stargate SG-1

– The movies that followed after. Also talk about the original movie with Kurt Russell and James Spader

– Also thoughts on the current News that Warner Brothers and MGM announced plans for a reboot trilogy. Roland Emmerich, who directed and co-wrote the original film with Dean Devlin, will direct and Devlin will produce.

So till them you can listen to our last episode the Divisive Geeky Questions:

Join Geek Fallout’s Jason Roberts, Derek Ash, Erik Johnson, and Chris Gaida as they tackle the subject of Divisive Geeky Questions, and Chris G hates everything!! Not really but yes.


1391712268I made a post about Howard Stern going off about podcasters. It seems that an comedian Ari Shaffir when off on Howard Stern on Joe Rogan’s podcast. In response to Ari going off on him about podcasting, Howard made this:

The whole thing odd. It also most comes off as Howard is back peddling, yet still trying to hate on everyone. Stating: “That’s what a podcast is. You can sit in your room and pretend you’re on the radio. Pretend you’re broadcasting” or Stern states that in order to gain a following, “You gotta go on terrestrial radio and wait until the ratings book to come out to find out if you’re any good.”

The whole thing is mind blowing dumb… In fact, why in the world does Howard even care what we do on podcasts? But like I said in my post called Love letter to Podcast and Hate mail for Howard Stern:” It seems that most of his shows are nothing but hate on this. Hate on that. Hate on them…. He has become, what people of the interwebs like to call a TROLL. Oh sure there are times where we are on a podcast and we discus things we are not fans of. But we don’t sit there and bash it for no reason. We at least give reasons to why we are not fans/followers of certain fandoms. We’re not making fun of a group of people and life style! With Mister Stern the hatred comes off as something that is cool to do. Let see how many people can we set off by doing this. All in the name ratings and money…… When making jokes or some form of comedy on Stern’s show is mostly at someone else expense. Mocking, bellittle, tearing down and form of one’s character all in hopes of getting a laugh.. Really!?

With the podcasts that I’m apart of, we are a family unit. We come from different backgrounds, we have different tastes & different ideas. But we all find a common core and the laughter, humor, heartache all comes from a real place with passion. We don’t do this for money, ratings. We do this because it makes us happy in sharing what we have in knowledge or hobbies. If we happen to pick up a new listener or help someone come out of their shell so to speak, then GREAT!! That is why we do the podcasts we do. No more, no less.”
He is a TROLL and nothing more sadly. I really feel his is missing the point about podcasting and what we are about. There are So many different styles of podcasts out there from all over the world. It’s really not that hard to get a following now a days. I mean look at YouTube… You can use the tools of social networks and or forums to boots your followers. Twitter is a great example on how to share word of mouth. Anyways, I’m done with this topic and Howard. No point in giving into or feeding the hate/drama he is trying to create. lex_adv_300


For All The Doctor Who Fans Out There

So my friend’s wife made a little Doctor Who David Tennant doll. 
When I came over for game night, she was in the middle of making him.  I can’t tell you how many times she pricked her fingers haha.  It was amazing to see the 10th Doctor slowly come to life. I wish I was able to make things like that. 🙂
But sadly the Internet with out fail, had a supply of haters really for her once she posted the Doctor online. Calling her a “fake fan”, telling her “nerds don’t do that kinda stuff.”, “Your a poser your not a nerd.”
WHAT THE F**K PEOPLE! I’m not one for cussing on my site.  But this made me really mad to hear about this. I watched her put the time and hard work, along with the blood & sweat.


Who the hell says,”nerds don’t do that kinda stuff.”? Isn’t that what fandom is all about? Making and sharing things we love with other people who have the same fandoms. I really hate people at times.



But like I said before. It’s the Internet…. Haters are going to hate. They have this need to cut people down, because they themselves are not creative and can’t come up with anything original. To busy living in their parent’s basement, leaching of society.
Aside from all that noise.  You should go over to her Esty and check out what she has up!



Doctor Who doll description:
“The Doctor is here to save us all! Thanks to his glorious return in the 50th Anniversary episode I decided to immortalize the lovely Mr. David Tennant in felt. This is not an official BBC product; it’s strictly fan-made.
He stands at a smidgen over 61/2 inches tall and is 4 inches wide. The entire piece is 100% wool (not including the cotton thread on his coat) that has been needle felted. This means you prod the wool with a barbed needle until it forms the shape you require.
Included in this piece are the Doctor’s 3D timey whimey glasses, a small Adipose ( 1 inch tall), red converse, a removable felt trench coat (hand sewn at the seams not felted),and of course his sonic screwdriver.
Perfect for the home of any Whovian. Allons-y”
Again go over and check it out!