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Well I started writing and got side tracked with Road House…. ANYWHO!! So now that is over. I finally had some time to sit down and do a massive clean out on the blog and update all the links. Even updated a few aspects of the site was well.

I’ve been remodeling my site to be a one stop shop for all things. My goal is not to be on social media as much. Rather use my blog/site to update everything. I mean there are some I have to check every so often, but places like Facebook, Twitter not so much. I can easily govern them through my site. I also plan on being more active on the podcast network I’m apart of. Specially now I have a normal job with normal business hours, I can actually do things!! Who knew!! I addition to the number of updates, I made a donation page to help out with future & current projects and podcasts. Plus with every donation made, a percentage with be donated to a charity that help fight against climate change.

At some point I plain on making store front for custom work and stickers/shirts. The money made off that will be turned towards the site and my fellow podcasts, for better equipment and servers/storage. Even looking into starting our old YouTube channel again. Nerdy Life of Mine as been a labor of love for over 10 years… That is rather crazy to think about. So things are happening and I for one am rather excited on how things are going.


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Year End Review…. 2017

Yep…. Every year i do an year end review on everything to do with my blog, podcasts, life over all… This GIF of Captain Kirk fits everything for 2017… This year as been so up and down, mostly left over from the chaos that was 2016. I think this is the lowest the numbers have ever been. Of course I’ve done like ZERO writing or posting of anything for that matter. The website/blog was even shut down for a month. Wizard World media coverage was a bust, I have all these pictures and stories. Just never did anything with them sadly. I had another book challenge for Star Wars. Fail… Nothing worked out at all this year the way it was meant to.

I think the only thing that was active over this period of time was my Twitter and Instagram and the numbers there show a massive spike. So that is one positive there and I thank you guys!! Oh one other thing is I did start podcasting again!! Rejoining the team Geek Fallout, I plan I taking part a lot more podcasts with these guys. So having said all that, my plans for 2018 that are currently lined up are this:

  • Podcasting with Geek Fallout and Trek1701
  • Wizard World coverage and Comic Con media coverage over all in Oregon
  • Unboxings for GeekFuel and LootCrate or whatever else comings in
  • Book and comic book, movie reviews
  • A more scheduled writing and posting timeline

I really need to get back to what makes me happy. This blog has always been a part of me and would hate to see it go down in flames like this.  I’m also shutting down the Twitter feed for Nerdy Life Of Mine, and have everything go through my personal account. Keeps things easy and that way I’m not all spread out everywhere. As of right now the only social media outs for NLOM are:

That’s where I plan on keeping it till otherwise. So i would like to thank you for sticking around and making NLOM possible. I know I’ve lost a number of readers/followers over this year. I just hope I’ll be able to get them back. Have a happy and safe New YEARS!!  May you be in Heaven a full half hour before the Devil knows you’re dead. Happy New Years!!


Cleaning House

So as it states above. I’ll be closing the Twitter handle for Nerdy Life Of Mine and moving everything over to my personal one. Reasons for doing this was to make things easier for myself and less accounts to deal with. Plus I don’t check Nerdy Life Of Mine’s messages enough to make it fully active. Finding messages from people 4 to 8 months ago sucks. SO! Everything is being moved to @iRoberts3. Please make sure to follow me if you haven’t already!


Where In The Wide World

Can you find me in social media.

Twitter: &




While doing this last podcast, we do a “where can we find you” outro. then I thought I never really shared what social media I use for my blog and personal. So here is a list of what site I use the most. Twitter i would say would be the main and followed with Instagram.


under_constructionOver the next couple of weeks Nerdy Life Of Mine will be going through a lot of changes. I’m working on a whole new layout and image, so if things are buggy or if you find links are broken. I’m sorry and I thank you for understanding. Plus with all the changes going on, we have picked up a new blogger and we are also working on putting together a podcast!! Again thank you for your understanding and if you would like more updates, follow my Twitter @iRoberts3

Nerd Out!!

nerdoSo around the beginning of the month I found this app by chance, called Nerd Out. Basically with this app it’s a community of nerds banding together to share information about events that are happening near by(to you). Or as they put it:

Nerd Out is a mobile nerd event calendar application available for download on Apple and Android devices. Discover nerd inspired events in an easily accessible…

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