Geek Fallout Ep #122: The Walking Dead (Family) Discussion

Geek Fallout. Host Chris Lockhart is joined on the show with his wife Crystal. Together they discuss the recent Season 5 finale of the Walking Dead. They also discuss ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ trailer and the upcoming season of ‘Game of Thrones’. Welcome to the walker wasteland!

Random Nerdness Podcast Ep #29: ‘Walking Dead’ finale talk

Random Nerdness Podcast. Chris is joined on the mic with Mike Downs (The Atomic Geeks), Jeff Brown (Geek Fallout) and Chris Gaida (GF: The Comic Book Episodes). Together we discuss the recent season finale of The Walking Dead. Also at the end of the episode Chris reviews the new ‘Robocop’ film in a Movie MinutesContinue reading “Random Nerdness Podcast Ep #29: ‘Walking Dead’ finale talk”

Yay! Free Comic Book Day!!

So this is what the kids got today from our comic run! Got to love Free Comic Book Day! Made the day all about them and what they want. I made a wish list for next time or next pay day haha. But Jackson got a Hulk comic, Avatar & Adventure Time comic. As wellContinue reading “Yay! Free Comic Book Day!!”

Wizard World Portland Oregon Comic Con

So this little adventure started at 4am. Drove for about two hour to a wonderful place that is comic con! I don’t have the words for how great it was. BUT I do have lots of pictures for you, so enjoy!