Nerdy Shenanigans & Other Life Updates

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So this year as been rather busy for myself and for all the good reasons. So later this week I’ll been moving in with my girlfriend or at least starting to move stuff. Plus we’ve been trying to have our anniversary trip now for better part of a month now. Kept having to changed the date do to work and or moving. But I think we finally locked a date in haha.

Also while all this is going on, I’ve gotten back into podcasting. The New Geek Fallout and a new podcast called The Pop Culture Hindsight. I’m rather looking forward to this podcast, mostly do to the fact it’s with Chris Lockhart. Plus Lots of Wizard World stories and other media coverage. I’ve also start something new called The Daily Nerdy Life, it’s a news web page that pulls and shares other blogs, posts, etc. from all over. Something to help new bloggers and old. It has everything from comics, movies and video games. As well as all things pop culture.

In addition to all this, I am also working on a new blog call ASTRO BLog GO!! The main focus of this blog is cartoons and artwork of all kinds, and also share my artwork. Which is something I haven’t done in a long, long time. Just something different from Nerdy Life Of Mine and fun. So yeah.. LOTS of new events going on and can’t wait to share it with you all.

Twitter: @iRoberts3

Instagram: @nerdylifeofmine

P.S. I’m also writing my book in between all this, it’s based around my life and all the fun/weird things that have happened to me. I’ll release more information about it as time goes on.

Life & It’s Crossroads

Fanboys, important things in life

Ever get to the point where your not to sure where you are going? 

Maybe I’m being impatient and wanting things to change for the better. Don’t get me wrong, I like where things are at and how my life is going so far. Given everything that has happen in the last two years. But sometimes I feel stuck in this loop that’s always repeating. 

I think that is one of the main reasons why I started this blog in the first place. Plus with podcasting again now, that adds another escape. I use to do a lot of paintings and/or drawing, but I find myself turned off by it. I think it was mostly cause by other people’s thoughts about my art. Or it became what the other person wanted, I got use to doing pictures for other people or changing my style because what I was painting bothered them.. I wasn’t doing it for me anymore… Infact I haven’t painted anything for myself in years. Maybe I should try and change that. I miss doing art shows and getting together with other artist and talking shop.

I know I started writing a book about a year and half ago. I think it only 25% done and I hit a wall. I have the idea where the book is going to go, as well as the subject matter. I mean it’s mostly stories from my life, it’s just shockingly hard to get down on paper. I think the problem I’m running into, is that I’m worried about people might think about it. Altho I’m at the point where I really don’t care anymore haha. Been judged on my past for so long, guess I got a little punchy. My history is what is it and I don’t regret one things at all.

When it is all said and done. I am happy, I have a job, a roof over my head and a wonderful girlfriend. Plus I have two health kids that cause grey hair and drive me up the wall at times hahaha.

Writing Assignment: “edit your title and tagline”


On this writing assignment the topic was “edit your title and tagline”.
Altho I have no intentions in changing the title for this blog. Nerdy Life Of Mine has been the main title for over five years and has became rather personal. Now as far as the tagline, I’ve changed that a few time over the years. This was the current one when you Google my site.


I have it written out as “bloggers” & “super nerds”, because I do have some other writers on this blog. But in 2015 I started to let some people go and started to take back my blog for myself. Now I rather enjoyed having people take part in my blog and share their lives or whatever stories.
… One sec,  Serenity is on….. Watching….. Watching….
Okay sorry about that… Anywho! I liked working with everyone, but I wanted to get back to basics. I want make a lot of changes this year and so far I have. I did change the tagline to, “Just mild-mannered blogger & podcaster! Fighting a never-ending battle for fandoms and sharing all my misadventures in life with you all.” The odd thing is it hasn’t changed on the Google search when you look up my site. Maybe it’ll take sometime, don’t know. I’ll just keep an open eye,  maybe I have to be on actual computer to change it (I’m on my tablet right now).
Sorry if this post is rather lackluster. But I’m happy with Nerdy Life Of Mine and it’s history, don’t think I’m going to change it.

Writing Assignment: “who I am and why I’m here”


Writing Assignment: “who I am and why I’m here”

So a few months back I signed up for Blogging 101 to better my blog and over all networking. I almost forgotten all about till the other night, till I got an email from them. So after a few hours getting to know some of the people that are taking part in this “class” if you will. We were given our first assignment of “who I am and why I’m here”

Now you can take this anyway you want really.…

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Writing Assignment: “who I am and why I’m here”

Fanboys, important things in life

So a few months back I signed up for Blogging 101 to better my blog and over all networking. I almost forgotten all about till the other night when I got an email from them. So after a few hours getting to know some of the people that are taking part in this “class” if you will. We were given our first assignment of “who I am and why I’m here”

Now you can take this anyway you want really. Like: Who are you as a person and what are you doing with your life type of thing? Or why are you here making a blog for the whole world to see and not keeping a dairy for your own personal business? Rather than getting to deep into the meaning of life, I thought I would stick to the basics and talk about who I am and why do I have a blog/podcasts.

12654689_10153759655606839_7299900952342444735_nI’ve always been big on the blogging scene. I remember starting out on LiveJournal (Yeah remember that? haha!) Then I moved on to Blogger with a blog called Geek Feed. I remember this blog wasn’t anything shocking and rather lackluster. Mostly covering video games and what the newest technology was for that time. Vary rarely I would post anything personal on that blog.. But after 3 years of that, I shut that blog down and started up a new one called Ghosts A GoGo Toons. That was more of a personal blog and I used it showcase my art work that I do. I remember it was mostly a gallery style blog or a portfolio if you will, with vary little writing content. I ran that blog for almost 10 years (almost). Back then I was using Myspace to update my journal or blogging posts. Yes I know Myspace…  I’ve been around for awhile and seen the rise and fall of many sites and technologies.

But I shut down a lot of my blogs there for awhile, only to keep my Facebook and Twitter. Mostly to keep in touch with my friends and nothing more. I had a lot of personal problems come about that were changing everything and need to focus on that. To figure out where I was going and why? I was rather a dark time for myself and at times I wish not to remember it. But it has built me into the person I am today and that would be the bright side of things. I recall I need an outlet, something I can share my life and the things I was going through. Yet also share things I find funny & interesting.

So in 2012 I made Nerdy Life Of Mine! This blog as been a different beast all together. I have learned so much from other people on what to do. I’ve learned so many things on a trail and error bases and I’m happy how things turned out. Sharing everything about my life and helping others with the lessons I’ve learned. This site has also open many of doors I thought I never see open. Podcast for one! I’ve always loved podcasting, just never thought I would be apart of one or make one. I believe this will be my fourth year doing podcasting and now I’m a host, editor, producer. The people I’ve met while doing this are amazing and have become some of the closest friends I’ve had in awhile.. What is odd and great at the same time, is that we never really met in person. Most of them live in Canada or on the east coast of the US. But I talk and work with these people more than some of the other people I work with in person hahaha.

There hasn’t really been a pattern or theme to my writing. It’s life and things change, it always changes. But at the end of 2015 and going into 2016 I wanted to try and make a current theme and that goes with my writing as well. I think that’s why I started doing my Star Trek Book Challenge, I love reading and I’m able to read these book rather quickly and write about them once or twice a week. Same thing with my podcasts, I do about 3 to 4 a month and post about them and share the links. Helping make a better body of work and also keep my readers/followers interested in what I’m doing.

Going into this year I’ve seen some big changes and doors are slowly opening up for me. I’m able to work as a Press/Reporter for events (like Comic Con) and I wasn’t able to before! I’ve also got to interview some rather big icons and share their stories. So things are looking up! I really don’t have a goal this year. I wanted to focus on fine-tuning my blog and networking skills. I think that’s why I’m taking part in this Blogging 101, I think this will help me get where I need to be and build on my readers.

On that note I would like thank everyone who does follow me and reads my misadventures! It really means a lot, because with out you guys. None of this would be happening or possible.