One Year Ago

Today is the one year anniversary of Nerdy Life of Mine!


Just want to thank all the readers and friends that gave taken part in this site. We also have some more writers jumping on board in the next month. We also have openings for other writers of anyone is interested. Just send me an email 🙂

By Jason Bucky Roberts

Just another long night

So tired! But I can’t go to sleep…… Its 4am…. AM! I’ve read 6 books already and working on seven. Aside note: there will a number of book reviews coming up on here and my goodreads profile.
I have nothing to do tomorrow aside from work. The kids (hobbits I like to call them) are at grandma’s place till Sunday. Maybe its just too quite, that’s why I can’t sleep….. Oh well.
Of you guys find time, you should check out Jack 1939. Its an interesting read.