It’s only been a few days. But at least it’s not a Bush vs Gore episode.. Yet…


Oh my Odin! What a ride! I need to see it again. So amazing, so well done and epic storytelling. That is how you end a 11 year run. I will write more about it later, once I’ve cool down a bit.. Oh my! I need to see it again!

Oh Dear

Starting to feel old. Took my oldest to her first dance today….. 😁😨😱

Music For The Soul

So in recent weeks I’ve been going through a lot of my old stuff and music.. I found my Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus albums.. I had forgotten how great these bands were. So many great memories.. Even found my Bowie and NIN albums!

Where To Begin? 

What to do and where to begin? After a number of attempts to write and finish everything on my blog /website. I started questioning if I was ever going to get back into to. One of the big factors is I don’t have my computer at the moment. So I’m limited to my phone and tablet. 

There has  been so much going on as of late. Haven’t really said much about it to anyone really. Till I got a message from my friend checking up on me… Got me thinking, I really need to keep this site. I just need to finish everything and pull through life.. 

Just a Status 

So it’s been an interesting month so far. There is so much to write about and share. Plus this Halloween/anniversary weekend was great fun with lots of pictures. So tomorrow or Friday I will share with you all everything that went on in October :). Figure I’d give a update, because I feel I’ve been ignoring my blog this past month haha. 

Anywho! Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! Oooooooo the candies ! 

Just Looking

To see if anyone would like to help me design a new logo for my site, Nerdy Life Of Mine.? I’ve had this design now for almost 2 years and thought it was time to change things up.
So if you’re interested leave a comment or send me an email at
I’m open to anything really, as long as it fits the over all feel for the site.