WarCraft Is Coming!

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So it’s looking like 2016 is going to be a big year for WarCraft & World of WarCraft. With a the movie finally coming out and also releasing the new DLC Legion that same year..

The movie is has been in the works for years now. Going through different directors, screen writers, Blizzard not liking the story and or lay out. The list goes on. But it like they finally got their business together.

An interview with Duncan Jones from BBC. Jones said:

“They’ve been trying to make this film for a long time,” he tells the BBC down the line from Los Angeles.

“When I came in I pitched what I thought it should be: essentially a war story where the story is told from both sides and both sides can be empathised with – and that is the film that we made.”

“The gaming audience spends huge amounts of time in those worlds. They know them backwards and they have a unique perspective because not everyone does the same thing.

“So the challenge is to find a way to pull together those elements that means something to everyone.”

But the director also knows he can’t just rely on the support of hardcore gamers at the box office. Warcraft has to work for people who’ve never ventured into the world of online role-play.

“There’s a huge fanbase for this game but it would be wrong to assume they are all going to turn up.

“There needs to be a broader audience. I don’t think the film would be as good if you were filling it with in-jokes and storylines that assumed too much knowledge.”

I like what they are going… But I almost wish they just made the whole thing CG. I mean if you watch the World of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic Trailer. It’s beautifully done and can easily be made into a movie. Not that I bashing the mix of live action and CG. But when your movie is about 80% CG, might as well go all the way.



Now World of Warcraft: Legion DLC looks great. I’ve been slacking on the Warloads of Draenor and trying to finish it up for the years end. I loved The Burning Crusade when it came out and logged many of hours in that time. Now with Legion DLC you get:

Unlock pre-purchase perks

Get a head start on your preparations for the Legion invasion. Take advantage of early access to the new Demon Hunter hero class prior to the expansion’s release and immediately boost one character to level 100 when you pre-purchase.

Wield a mythic weapon

Arm yourself with an Artifact of immense power—a customizable weapon steeped in legend that only a hero of your caliber can master. As your character’s strength grows, hone your Artifact into an instrument capable of destroying the forces of the Burning Legion.

Join Illidan’s immortal army

Master the infernal rage of the legendary Demon Hunters of the Illidari, World of Warcraft’s newest hero class. Wreak Havoc, dispense Vengeance, and stalk your prey with Spectral Sight—then assume your demonic form to unleash a frenzy of devastating attacks.

Boost to Level 100 instantly

Join the battle ready for action. Advance a new or existing hero to level 100, then seek out other like-minded champions to stand against the demonic hordes.

Battle to Level 110

Travel to the Broken Isles in search of the Pillars of Creation, powerful relics used to shape Azeroth. Explore all-new zones as you grow in power. Traverse the shattered remnants of an ancient night elf civilization, brave the Emerald Nightmare, and descend into Helheim to face Helya, cursed ruler of the vrykul underworld.

Command the resistance

Take charge of your Order Hall, a base of operations and rallying point for heroes of your class. Strategize with your comrades, rally new recruits, and send your most trusted followers out on class-specific missions to prove your order’s might.


Now on the Sigital Deluxe Edition you get all that and:

World of Warcraft® – Illidari Felstalker Mount

Stalk the invading forces of the Burning Legion from atop their very own hounds of war with the Illidari Felstalker. Purloined from the Dread Kennels of the Legion’s High Houndmaster, these demonic beasts are eager to turn the tides against their former masters.

World of Warcraft Nibbles Pet

After a long day of demon slaying, summon Nibbles—a delightfully demented companion—to keep you warm by the fel fire.

Heroes of the Storm™ Felstalker Mount

Charge down the lanes of the Nexus on the back of a fierce Felstalker mount. Fitted with fangs, spikes, and everything nice, this mount is prepped and ready to take the fight to your opponents—and it includes three different skin variants.

StarCraft® II Portraits

Take back Aiur in style with psionic-infused portraits of Illidan and Gul’dan.

Diablo® III Wings of the Betrayer

Equip Illidan’s wings and strike terror into the hearts of demons everywhere as you charge across the battlefields of Sanctuary.


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