NEW Podcast! TREK1701 S2EP3: Trek Novel & Guest Star Discussion

After almost two years being away from podcasting. I’m back!! With Trek1701and Host Chris Lockhart. I must say I’ve missed podcasting A LOT in fact. Plus it’s nice to reconnect with old friends and talk about things we love. In case you didn’t know, Trek1701 is a podcast where we talk about all thing Star Trek. Trek1701 is part of the Geek Fallout Productions ( and there are many other podcast show you can check out as well, like:

  • Geek Fallout: The Comic Book Episodes
  • The Geek Fallout Show (core show)
  • Chris’s Soapbox
  • Trek1701
  • The Random Nerdness Podcast (ended, but still available)

Host Chris Lockhart is joined on the show by Jason Roberts. Together they are discussing Trek novels and some memorable guest stars.

So come over and check out the new podcast!! There will also be a new one coming up this Friday with The Geek Fallout Show. I’ll be joined with Chris Lockhart (, and Calvin Heighton (

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