Star Wars And A Tolkien With A Side Of Forgotten Realms

Star Wars: Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber….

6310782This novel is great on so many levels. I love Zombies and I love Star Wars. mix the two together and you get this! Plus mix in some of my favorite characters into the story line and SQUEEEEE!

Great book from begin to end. Rather quick too… I think the best way to describe the book was this quote from a review I found from  fellow reader on Goodreads about the this book:

Like an unconcerned lover, meeting you for a “nooner”, Death Troopers is quick and dirty. it doesn’t ask you how you are doing or if you are getting close. When it is finished, it rolls out of bed and leaves you staring, asking “what exactly just happened”. You feel a little dirty, then you shower and get back to work. in the end, it is still a nooner, so who can scoff at that? Not I.

I thought this was a perfect way to sum up the book HAHAHA! the writing is on spot and action flows smoothly (for zombies that is). Keep the classic Star Wars universe intact as well, without having to change anything. Plus you don’t need to know anything before reading this book. Just pick it up and run with it. I highly recommend it to everyone who is a Star Wars fanboy or a lover of the zombie world! The story plot of Death Troopers is:

When the Imperial prison barge Purge—temporary home to five hundred of the galaxy’s most ruthless killers, rebels, scoundrels, and thieves—breaks down in a distant part of space, its only hope appears to lie with a Star Destroyer found drifting and seemingly abandoned. But when a boarding party from the Purge is sent to scavenge for parts, only half of them come back—bringing with them a horrific disease so lethal that within hours nearly all aboard the Purge die in ways too hideous to imagine.

And death is only the beginning.

The Purge’s half-dozen survivors will do whatever it takes to stay alive. But nothing can prepare them for what lies waiting aboard the Star Destroyer. For the dead are rising: soulless, unstoppable, and unspeakably hungry.


20151017_121439Early today I got my copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Children of Hurin!!! Can’t wait till I can get into this book! I’ve been looking forward for awhile now. So a little birthday gift to myself by the way. from what I’m told, I’m able to buy myself anymore gifts. Because other people are getting me stuff. 😉

It is a legendary time long before The Lord of the Rings, and Morgoth, the first Dark Lord, dwells in the vast fortress of Angband in the North; and within the shadow of the fear of Angband, and the war waged by Morgoth against the Elves, the fates of Túrin and his sister Niënor will be tragically entwined.

Their brief and passionate lives are dominated by the elemental hatred that Morgoth bears them as the children of Húrin, the man who dared to defy him to his face. Against them Morgoth sends his most formidable servant, Glaurung, a powerful spirit in the form of a huge wingless dragon of fire, in an attempt to fulfil the curse of Morgoth, and destroy the children of Húrin.

Begun by J.R.R. Tolkien at the end of the First World War, The Children of Húrin became the dominant story in his later work on Middle-earth. But he could not bring it to a final and finished form. In this book Christopher Tolkien has constructed, after long study of the manuscripts, a coherent narrative without any editorial invention.

But this book looks great and I’m really wondering what Morgoth is going to be like :). I’ve read the history of middle earth and some of the short /lost tales. So I have an idea on whats going to go down in this book.

20151002_203239I also picked up a trilogy, thanks to my soon to be wife Carly. Called The Hunter’s Blades trilogy By R.A. Salvatore. I love his books and read a lot of them. But I don’t think I can read all of them lol.. the man has written so much! But I love the Forgotten Realms series and the work that Salvatore brings to the table.

Continues the adventures of the Dark Elf hero, Drizzt Do’Urden, as an invasion of orcs sweeps across the Spine of the World, separating him from the friends on whom he has long relied and forcing him to draw on his own inner resources.

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