Star Trek Book Challenge 82: Firestorm (Star Trek: The Original Series #68)

Trek Book

Here is another book by L.A. Graf. He wrote Ice Trap, Death Count and the upcoming novel in this challenge Traitor Winds (Star Trek: The Lost Years, #3). He as written a number of Trek books and so far I’ve rather enjoy his work. Firestorm (Star Trek: The Original Series #68) is a smooth read and goes into more backstory for Sulu, Uhura, and Chekov. Which is nice to see them get some love in the series and not just Kirk and his buddies. L.A. Graf as also shown that he is the go to author for all things Star Trek, with his knowledge of the show and characters. There were times where this novel dragged on and wondered a bit. But this was a good read and would say give it a read is you get the chance.

217593When a covert Elasian mining operation interferes with a Federation geological expedition, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are dispatched to mediate between the two parties. The Elasian Dohlman claims that the planet and its dilithium deposits are hers, but the geologists warn that if Rakatan Mons– the galaxy’s largest known stratovolcano– should erupt while the Elasians are mining its flanks, no amount of dilithium will save them. While Uhura and a landing party strive to determine if the Dohlman’s claims are true, Kirk struggles to keep the two sides from each other’s throats, but that delicate standoff is shattered by the arrival of an Elasian armada and the eruption of Rakatan, which could well destroy everyone on both sides.

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