I haven’t been this sick in awhile. Hot ♨ and cold ❄ flashes, fever. Not to mention that my throat is killing me, along with a headache. I have things I need to do today, but I can’t. Missed out on work, which I don’t like doing. It’s be one thing if it was an office job, but I’m a cook. Being sick and making people’s food was never a pleasant notion for me. At any rate I think I’ll try and eat something and very more sleep. And yes that is me currently while writing this.. I think it’s the hair that pulls it all together.

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  1. lol yeah its the hair and eyes and pout that pulls it all together .. Hope you feel better soon.
    Try garlic ginger potato soup.. its filling. Put however many potatoes you want in a pot add chicken stock or water then add at least 3 heads of garlic or more and as much ginger as you can handle. Drink eat slurp this hot cold room temp … any normal cold is gone over night or with in 3 days with this. If your cold is mutant or really harsh add cayenne pepper as much as you can handle crying is ok.

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