Nerd Out!!

nerdoSo around the beginning of the month I found this app by chance, called Nerd Out. Basically with this app it’s a community of nerds banding together to share information about events that are happening near by(to you). Or as they put it:

Nerd Out is a mobile nerd event calendar application available for download on Apple and Android devices. Discover nerd inspired events in an easily accessible calendar. Listing events like Comic Con, Lightsaber Battles, Geeks Who Drink, Tabletop gaming, Screenings, Trivia & more!

So on a random thought I thought I’d write to them and see if I can join up and represent Oregon. A few emails back and forth, I’m now a member of the Nerd Out crew :). Portland is the only city in Oregon currently listed on the app, I’m hoping that will change soon. I’ll be listing events from all over Oregon, seeings how I live in Lebanon, Or. myself. ALSO! As part of being with the Nerd Out crew I got this cool little shirt!!


You can find Nerd Out app on:

You can also find them on:




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