Posts of Blood: Hellraiser: Origins

Mike Le Han and Paul Gerrard teamed up to create a short video to aid in their pitch of Hellraiser: Origins a brand new reimagining of the world of hellraiser, sadly, it never came to be and until now, very few pieces of information is available on the project. today I run through the New pinhead, new leviathan and of course the new engineer, the coenobites!

check out Paul Gerrard’s website!

The trailer was released on an independent website and on YouTube on 31 October 2013. Approximately two minutes (2:07) minutes long, it opens with ominous music and text fading in and out of the center frame:

Before there was man…

Before any life…

There was…


It then cuts to a top down view of a thin, disheveled man kneeling in a square of salt and lit candles, solving what fans of the franchise would recognize as the Lament Configuration from the original Hellraiser films. The top of the box opens and the man lets out a howl of agony, the camera rapidly zooming down and into the open box. It follows a twisting, convoluted tunnel of flesh, similar to a human intestine. The camera reaches the end of the tunnel where the view is entirely obscured by a bright light.

The shot fades in to reveal an apparent sea of writhing, naked human bodies covered in blood, with body parts and viscera scattered throughout. The camera continues to pan over the sea of bodies until reaching a platform, rising and gradually revealing a stylized version of Hellraiser’s Pinhead. The shot zooms slowly in to an extreme close up as Pinhead opens his eyes and music fades in. In a deep, inhuman voice he says “Welcome to Hell'”.

The scene then cuts to a wider shot of Hell, showing Pinhead standing on a platform, surrounded by an even larger sea of bodies. The shot flickers in and out, each time zooming further out and finally fading to Hellraiser: Origins and showing the web address for the project’s page.

Rather sad this did not come to light. Around the same time they were trying to get this project green light. Clive Barker announced that he was working on a reboot to the movie series. Sadly that also has not come to light. Instead we have Hulu’s Books of Blood…. Which was “okay”.. I’ll write about that later. Barker did also announce that he is coming out with a new book for this month.

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  1. I remember seeing this trailer when it came out and being super pumped. I loved the idea of bringing the entire story back to hell and not just some crappy slasher series it eventually turned into. They just can’t get these movies right. The last one Hellraiser: Judgement was so dumb and seemed to be more of a Saw movie than a Hellraiser one.

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