Unboxing: Fallout Crate

Fallout has to be one of my favorite game of all time. Well, next to Skyrim.. Fallout: Tactics is still my favorite out of the series. But this is about the Crate and not the games. This Crate I was looking forward to for awhile now. I have to say that it was over all a great box. I enjoyed the Elder Scrolls Crates a little bit more out of the two.

With in this Crate we have a Broadsider mini, build a figure part. Now you have to get all the crates in order finish building the figure, which is a power-suit by the way. Fuzzy dice with the hellcats logo on it, a map of West Virginia and a Terminal phone stand. Over all this Crate wasn’t too bad. Worth the money for it and waiting for, it is a every other month Crate. I still feel the Elder Scrolls Crate is better. But I really big on Norse and fantasy, as you couldn’t tell hahaha.

Unboxing: Vault Crate

I got this crate as a “welcome back” gift from Loot Crate. It was filled with a number of random items from Crates of the past. I just had to pay the shipping, which wasn’t bad and the over all Crate was pretty good.

A lot of the items I already had from previous Crates and found myself giving those to other people for birthday gifts or just because. It had Battlestar Galactic target posters, 2 metal straws (which I kept). Godzilla mini posters, Aquaman mini poster and a random Red Bull hahaha. Also a Jurassic Park theme t-shirt and a Thor bag. It also had a little figure stand of Captain America/Avengers.

Over all it was a rather good Crate filled with random items you can’t be mad at hahaha. Plus hey, it was free..

Unboxing: Loot Crate DX October/Darkness

SO… Yeah… I meant to post this one AWHILE ago. But with everything going on in my personal life and the way 2020 been going. Life kinda got in the way. In fact, I was digging through my history and realized I have a total of 6 unboxing events I haven’t even posted yet… For that I have no reason as to why, believe me I tried to come up with one. Maybe I sidetracked with something else or just straight laziness and forgot hahaha. We have a Fallout crate, Darkness DX, Elder Scrolls Crate, Welcome Crate, Star Wars Crate and Vault Crate.. So Now I’ll be sitting down today and writing all of these out to share.

We have the Darkness DX Crate:

I was rather looking forward to this Crate. Sadly was met with a little disappointment. While the Venom item that happen to be a hoody was a cool idea. The finished product was something to be desired. It’s basically a thin shirt hoody and not an actually sweater style. The Fallout shirt was the only good thing that come out of this Crate, at least for me. I gave my daughter the Beetiejuice neck pillow and the Black Widow figure. I might re-gift the Venom “hoody” to someone else. I might give the DX Crates one more shot, before I drop it from my list. Still the DX Crate a miles above the standard core Crate and worth the money inthe end. Even if I don’t like the item, there is always someone out there that might love it more than I do hahha,

Unboxing: Loot Crate September

This Loot Crate wasn’t to bad. I think my favorite part was the Goodfeathers from the Animaniacs figure. The Pinky and the Brain bag was cool, but I gave it away. Now the Flintstones bag clips were awesome and became rather useful hahaha. Sadly the Looney Tunes shirt was tie dye…. I have an undying hatred for tie dye… So my girlfriend took that shirt. Did like the Hall of Justice mouse pad, just need to find a use for it or I might re-gift it to someone.

Over the Crate was kinda meh.. I am looking for to October, there I “should” be getting my Skyrim Crate and the Darkness theme… SHOULD BE. We will see what Loot Crate will do.

Unboxing: Rebuilding My Marvel Cards

So over the last few months I’ve been trying to rebuild my old Marvel trading cards from the early 90’s. My original collection sadly has become lost. Either between moving or someone taking them.

A lot of them I bought with money I earned as a kid and some my father got me. I think that’s the part that is bugging the most. The sentimental value and memories that come with these cards are the most priceless to me. It was something me and my father did together. Finding new comics, new art inspiration, creating new memories.

My hope is that my original cards are buried deep within my garage. Either way, one day I’ll pass these along to my son. Today I did find some Marvel Masterpiece 1993 & 92 card series. Which was an amazing series and sadly didn’t get many of them as a kid, too expensive back then haha. But now! Now I can get and build on top of what I have.

Unboxing: Super Friends

*Update: I just found I got my Crates mixed up. It seems Loot Crate system is normally a month behind. This Crate is Super Friends theme. Not Saturday Morning Cartoons… Ugh, so I will change the title of this. August is the Saturday Morning theme. Then the darkness theme.. I just got the next DX Crate today and will post that shortly. Sorry for the mix up! That would explain some of my confusion while opening the Crate. Loot Crate does it again!

We now have the August Crate and the theme is Saturday Morning Cartoons(aka Super Friends)!! At first I was rather meh about the picks for this Crate. Looney Tunes, The Flintstones, Justice League, Pinky and the Brain, The Goodfeathers… While I did watch these as a kids growing up, they weren’t the ones I remember fondly. The ones I really remember were Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles, Transformers, G.I. Joe. BUT! In the Loot Crate fashion, they shocked me with a rather great Crate.

Like I’ve stated in the past, I have this on going love/hate relationship with Loot Crate. So there are times where I don’t hold my breath for most Crates. But I was rather shocked by this month’s Crate.

Both the shirt and pant are quality and super comfortable. I rather enjoy the DC puzzle, might have to frame that later. The little Wonder Woman cards are a nice touch, the Toy Story bandana… I can take it or leave it. I’ll re-gift it to someone later haha. But over all it was not a bad Loot Crate and I just got the email of next month’s Crate:

Lights out! Go into the DARKNESS with premium pop culture collectibles and gear featuring Black Widow, Venom, Fallout and Beetlejuice!

Still waiting on my Skyrim Crate. That is the one I want the most, sadly it an every 3 months Crate.

Unboxing Loot Crate DX

So after a few months I decided to get the Loot Crate DX. Mostly because it had a Lord of the Rings item within’ the box. For those of you who know, I have a love/hate relationship with Loot Crate. In the process of signing up for another monthly Crate, I found The Skyrim Crate that look rather interesting and got that one as well. but that won’t get here till August-ish..

Now this Crate is from July which I got close to August… I have August’s Crate already and will share that one soon. July’s Crate wasn’t to bad It had:

  • A Shazam enamel pin
  • Lord of the Rings metal “camp style” cup
  • Tetris theme T-shirt
  • Justice League All Stars lunch box
  • A Goonies hat

I have notice that the boxes aren’t as “fun” as they use to be. You use to be able to turn them inside out and a certain theme. I’m thinking it might have something to do with the fact they were bought out by another company. Just another way to save some money I’m guessing.. Over all it was not a bad Crate, I have had better ones in the past. I hope August and Skyrim Crate are better.

Well Look What Showed!

It’s here! Got my core crate today and also got tracking info for my Fallout crate. I’m shocked!I’ll posted the Unboxing here in a bit, I’m just surprised that it came today. I was figuring it would have been month till I got one of the crates.

Loot Crate.. A Monthly Crate…?

Or not…. I have 4 Crates waiting.. I ordered last month and the month before. They just keep pushing the crates back. Even the core crate and that’s a monthly. If your going to be in this kinda business, you have to make sure everything is ready. Damn… I get sometimes things are not up to standard and need to be fixed. But to push things out to another month or two. Ugh.. They better be worth it once they get here…