Well Look What Showed!


It’s here! Got my core crate today and also got tracking info for my Fallout crate. I’m shocked!I’ll posted the Unboxing here in a bit, I’m just surprised that it came today. I was figuring it would have been month till I got one of the crates.

Loot Crate.. A Monthly Crate…?


Or not…. I have 4 Crates waiting.. I ordered last month and the month before. They just keep pushing the crates back. Even the core crate and that’s a monthly. If your going to be in this kinda business, you have to make sure everything is ready. Damn… I get sometimes things are not up to standard and need to be fixed. But to push things out to another month or two. Ugh.. They better be worth it once they get here…

Oh Loot Crate….


So. I figured I’d give Loot Crate another try.. This time I ordered 3 different creates for Unboxing. Last time I ordered anything from them, shipping was WAY OFF! Plus with missing items, no refund, zero reply from customer service.. One would think I would just walk away at this point. But these creates were just too good to pass up. Plus I got some rather big discounts on them.

So with this looking hopeful, shipping now has a delay.. This is the email that was sent to me. If anyone gets loot crate, pay attention.

Due to unforeseeable reasons, we may ship a crate later than expected. Check the chart below for your new estimated shipping. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

After the completion of each sales period, if a crate is On Time then it will be removed from this list. If there are updates to the ship date, it will remain listed until it has shipped.

If your estimated shipping is On Time, Click Here to see your estimated delivery window.

I mean I get it, things happen. But give their history with me, can’t help but worry haha. The crate I placed orders for are Fallout Crate, Core Loot Crate, Anime Crate. Guess we’ll see which one gets here first.

Wizard World Unboxing Harry Potter: Slytherin Box

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So while I did enjoy the items in the box. I feel it wasn’t worth $50.00. I’ve had Loot Crates or Geek Fuel boxes that are $25.00 or $30.00 at that chad better items in it and more. I think I had a problem with is how the box was setup. It’s a rather large box and when you open it, you see all the items upfront. A lanyard, small pillow key chain thing, belt, wallet, tie. Under these cool items was a white divider that took up more than half the box, making it look like there was more in there. NOPE…That was it..


Now like I said, I liked the loot, just don’t think it was work $50.00… Now we as got a free mystery box after buying Rick and Morty and Harry Potter Loot Crates. It was a one itme box and this one had Marvel socks (Dr. Strange theme).


No there are a number loot boxes all over Comic Con. Just rethink the Harry Potter crate.

Wizard World Rick & Morty Unboxing

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So it seems that Comic Cons are getting in on the loot crate style boxes. Wizard World has a number of them this year. One being the Rick and Morty mystery box.

The box itself cost about $60.00 and inside is totally worth it!

We also got the Harry Potter: Slytherin loot box and a free mystery box. But that will be for another post.

LootCrate’s Wooden R2-D2

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So in September’s LootCrate I got a wooden R2-D2 that you can put together.. It is now January 13th 2018 and I’m just putting it together.. Yeah I know, took my sweet time hahaha. Here is the link to September’s LootCrate: https://nerdylifeofmine.com/2017/09/23/lootcrate-time-spoilers/. Just in case you want to see what else came in the Crate.

The whole thing was rather fun to put together. Rather easy as well. The only problem I ran into was making the top parts fit. I found myself cutting down some of the wood to make them fit better. Aside from that I’m happy with it, was thinking about painting it.. Maybe another time I will do that. (Yes that is a Pickle Rick in the background..)



November Loot Crate In December


So it’s December…. December 2… I just now got my November Loot Crate…………..

My main problem is their mailing system. Anywho, the theme for November is Unite 2.0. Over all was an okay Crate, not their best Crate. But it was a decent.. We have a Voltron wearable as well as a Funko Pop figure from the Overwatch game. It was the Loot Crate Edition Widowmaker Variant.

Then we have the Justice League of America No. 28 comic, with a certificate of authenticity from DC themselves. You also have your standard Loot Pin with a $10 gift card to VRV Premium. Then we have a Power Ranger figure made by Loot Crate. There are 5 to collect from as well. There is also a TellTale Series of Batman DLC, you get the whole first season. Then you have the comic DLC and you get two issues of Faith and the Future Force. In the end it was over all a good Crate, nothing to write home about. But it’ll make for some good gifts for Christmas.

October’s Loot Crate!

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So here we have October’s Loot Crate.. I almost don’t want to post anything about this month’s crate, because of the frustration and bewilderment… So they take out the monthly payment like they do. Same thing with my housemate… He got his tracking info in the middle of the month and got the crate later that week.. Me on the other hand did not.. Last week of October I emailed customer support inquiring about my crate.

Stating that this is the forth time they haven’t sent me anything and or late. Didn’t hear anything back. Then a email pops up with tracking info. Due to arrive on the 31st… No other notes, no nothing.. So when I finally got the crate, it was rather lackluster.

I mean the Ghostbuster shirt is cool and the Stranger Things figure was awesome. Everything else was meh…

The Buffy bookmark is nice and you have the Thor figure.. I think I’ll save some of this for Christmas. I’m just done with Loot Crate, it’s to up and down now a days. I mean last month’s crate was great and had no problems. But it’s like sliding back into old habits with them this month.

October’s GeekFuel Unbox

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So while trying to relax from a long day at work and now watching Caddyshack. GeekFuel showed up today!!

October Things is the theme this month.

Cool 3D magazine. Only draw back is the glasses don’t fit to well. But over all it’s a nice nostalgic bit. I have to say I love what GeekFuel did with its buttons. The case for the button is a classic VHS “Tales From the Crypt” theme.

Pac-Bat! Fun little magnet set and Eleven waffles. What’s inside waffle box?

Waffle air freshener, awesome Stranger Things coffee cup and……

The shirt is great. I love the art work and the quality is fantastic. Overall I love this month and the day a lot better.